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Digital Accounts Receivable Management

Automate and personalize your dunning process to save costs and get paid faster.

Better accounts receivable management with AI.

Get paid faster

We use machine learning to individually select the best channel to reach a customer. For example, instant messaging, calling, email, or mail.

Save costs

Based on payment terms, laws, and customer profiles we automatically send the best converting messages at the right time. Hence, less bad debt losses.

Increase customer loyalty

We personalize the customer approach by differing channels and landing pages. This creates a smooth customer experience that leads to increased customer loyalty.

The right solution for your industry

CoruPay is adaptable to your industry and company size. Just select the software functionalities that are key to your company. We provide client solutions for both B2B and B2C. CoruPay is a software for small companies as well as established corporates. 

Our integrations

CoruPay integrates seamlessly with your existing software landscape. Just connect with your accounting system, ERP, or CRM. Transmit data through direct integration or through our API.

Features Overview

Your Corporate Branding

Optimum Automation

Personalized Communication

Machine Learning

Personalized Customer Support

Dynamic User Management

Various APIs

Detailed Analysis

Take your Accounts Receivable Management to the next level.